Visual Storytelling Project

Aug 10, 2023 | TCCC

I am really excited about this image because it is the launch of a Visual Storytelling project I’m involved in for the next year. This project combines a variety of different art techniques: mixed media art, 3D art, photography, and Photoshop artistry. Our assignment is to create a story with numerous characters that interact on a regular basis at a central location (eg, school, coffee shop, restaurant, etc).

I had been wondering what I was going to do with group of kid characters I had created. I knew they would have individual stories, but I also wanted them to interact in some way. This solves that dilemma.

Here is the current rough draft outline for my Visual Storytelling project:

Central Location: The Creative Community Center. It is located in a small town in Maine. The Center offers classes in music, dance, and painting to the children and women in the area.

Central Character: Cassandra Devereaux. She has a Masters in Social Work and a passion to help women in need. She just purchased the old Dance Hall on Main Street which is she is going to turn into The Creative Community Center. Thankfully, the main room of the Center is in good condition which means she can start classes in there while they renovate in the other rooms. Several local performing artists and visuals artists have agreed to volunteer to teach classes several days a week.

This image is Cassandra on the day she bought The Creative Community Center. Her best friend, Lin Wong, who is the official photographer and social media director for the Center, snapped this candid shot of Cassandra dancing in the main room.

Artist Sneak Peek:  I chose to use darker and richer tones than most of my kids artwork to give these images a more cinematic vibe to them. I added a subtle motion blur to Casandra to give her the sense of movement in the space.

Until next time pray and play every day

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