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Sep 8, 2023 | TCCC

I‘ve been working on my Visual Storytelling Workshop/Project for a couple of weeks now.  I chose The Creative Community Center to be the central venue/gathering place where the characters will interact.  And I’ve also been creating the characters for the story.  I’m slowly building the town as well.

I knew that I wanted to model the town around a small town in Maine that I visited the first sixteen summers of my life.  The wonderful town of Bridgton, Maine.  However, I wanted to create a make believe town so that I could take creative liberties with the buildings, streets, and stores.  I had been testing a few different names, but none of them seemed to fit.  Then stumbled across a movie that took place in a small town out west named Parable.

I did a search to make sure that there wasn’t already a Parable, Me in existence.  And there is not.  I think the name is perfect for the little town that I am creating.  I love how God helped me find the name through one of my favorite things – a movie.

Two of the definitions for parable are:  usually short fictitious story that illustrates a moral attitude or a religious principle or something (such as a news story or a series of real events) likened to a parable in providing an instructive example or lesson.

This is exactly what I want this Visual Storytelling to be.  I want it to have an underlying message of God’s healing love at work in and through the people of this small town.  But told in short parables that are enjoyable for anyone and everyone to read and view.

So, I am happy to announce that my visual story takes place in the small quaint town of Parable, Maine in Cumberland County.  The town was established in 1794.  It has a wonderfully rich history that I will slowly be creating and revealing over the next year of my project.

A little sneak peek:  Be on the lookout for Dolly and her ever present furry companion Aspen.  They make special appearances all over the town.  The two town favorites are loved almost as much by the tourists that visit as the town folks who live in Parable.
The picture used for this post is not a picture of the town of Parable.  I simply did an Ai prompt for an illustrated quaint small town so that I would have an image for the post.  I am still in the process of creating the town in 3D.

Until next time pray and play every day

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