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Disclaimer: This is a Visual Storytelling Workshop.
The Creative Community Center, the town of Parable, ME, the people, the places, and the stories are all a work of fiction.



Our dedicated instructors bring years of experience and passion to each class, ensuring that your child receives the highest quality education in a fun and supportive environment. From painting and drawing to pottery and photography, our art classes cover a wide range of mediums, allowing young artists to discover their unique style. Join us today and watch your child’s creativity soar!



Our after-school dance program offers an exciting range of dance styles for your child. Our instructors bring their passion and years of experience to every class. From ballet and jazz to hip hop and ballroom, your child can explore their enthusiasm for movement and discover their favorite style.  Join us today and watch your child’s creativity dance for joy.



Our instructors believe in fostering a fun and supportive atmosphere for kids to learn how to play a variety of instruments. From piano and guitar to flute and violin, we offer a wide range of musical opportunities for young learners to explore their creativity and discover their unique talents. Join us today and watch your child’s love for music fill the air.

About Us

Your Creative Community

Welcome to The Creative Community Center (TCC), where creativity comes to life. We invite you to immerse yourself in the world of performing arts and visual arts.  And to also discover the joy of learning life skills that are the building blocks to living a healthy and balanced life.

Cassandra Devereaux


Here at TCCC, we empower women and children to explore their inner talents, express themselves, and grow in their relationship with the Lord. We offer a variety of art classes, dance classes, music classes, theater workshops, cooking classes, financial planning, life skills, and Bible Studies.

But above all, find a place where love and acceptance reign, where you are celebrated for being exactly who God created you to be. Join us at The Creative Community Center and embark on a journey of self-discovery and artistic growth. Together, we create a community fueled by creativity.


The Newest Posts

Join us on our creative adventures as we share all the fun activities we are doing at The Creative Community Center.

Senior Characters

Senior Characters

Today, I am creating my first senior citizen character. Well, technically she will be my second one, but I don't count the first one because I failed miserably on her. The difference this time is that for the last year, I've been learning how to create original...

Glamour Shots

Glamour Shots

o, I was trying to think of a clever way to introduce my characters for my Visual Storytelling project.  I had already decided that I wanted to do it in a professional photo shoot portrait style.  But I wanted to add a twist to that. Suddenly, an...

Visual Storytelling Project

Visual Storytelling Project

am really excited about this image because it is the launch of a Visual Storytelling project I'm involved in for the next year. This project combines a variety of different art techniques: mixed media art, 3D art, photography, and Photoshop...

The Characters

Each of these unique characters play a significant role in the story taking place at The Creative Community Center.  The characters were crafted in Daz Studio 3D software.  To read about the image simply click on it.  A pop up window will appear with the image and text.  Just scroll down in the pop up window to finish reading.


Short Bio: She has a Masters in Social Work and a passion to help women in need. She just purchased the old Dance Hall on Main Street which is she is going to turn into The Creative Community Center. Thankfully, the main room of the Center is in good condition which means she can start classes in there while they renovate in the other rooms. Several local performing artists and visuals artists have agreed to volunteer to teach classes several days a week.
This is Cassandra’s portrait from TCCC’s “Glamour Shots” fundraiser. She isn’t too fond of having her picture taken, but it was for a good cause. She is so serious because the Photographer had just finished chastising her for being goofy (which she does when she is nervous). He told her, “Be serious now.” So, Cassandra put on her best serious face not really thinking that he was going to snap her portrait at that exact moment. Now she is stuck with this intense Glamour Shot of herself. (Can’t you just hear her “big sigh” moment! LOL)


This is Lin Wong the Social Media Director and official Photographer. While she is just a hobbyist photographer, Cassandra was able to persuade her to do to take all the photos for their website that is being built.



Doris Mathers is the receptionist for The Creative Community Center (TCCC). But, truth be told, she is the glue that keeps the place together. She is a mentor to Cassandra and Lin. A loving Grandma to all the kids who come for afternoon classes. And a “safe place” for the women transitioning out of Battered Women shelters. Her painful past gives her an extra dose of compassion for those around her.


Travis Rockwell is a quiet, but friendly man who moved to the small Maine town 3 years ago. The old timers still consider him a newcomer.

Travis was an inner city middle school teacher for 10 years. He was shot in a school shooting trying to save the kids in his classroom. Travis never talks about the shooting or what he did before he was a teacher. He retired to the small town and bought a small bookstore on the corner of Main Street. He teaches kids to read. His store is right next door to the Coffee Shop which is owned by Pearl Jenkins. He has a huge crush on Ms Pearl Jenkins.


Pearl Jenkins is a successful story of a battered woman who escaped her abuser with her young daughter Dawn. The Shelter where she stayed had a small business program that helped women by providing low interest loans for their business plans. Pearl applied for the loan and received it. She used the loan to open the Cup of Soul coffee shop in the small town.



Mr. Dillion’s family has owned a small mom and pop grocery store in the small town for 3 generations. He is very concerned that the store is going to end with him because none of his children want anything to do with the store. Mr. Dillion has been a widow for over 15 years. His children keep trying to set him up on blind dates, but he refuses telling them that his wife was the one and only love of his life.



Thomas Junk is a reserved quiet man who keeps to himself. He is the local handyman who is a whiz at fixing anything that needs fixing. When he heard what Cassandra and Lin planned on doing with the old Dance Hall he asked if he could help them fix the place up. He offered to do all the handyman work after everyone left in the evenings. In lieu of being paid for his handyman services, he asked Cassandra if he could play the piano and paint when he finished his work. Nobody in town really knows much about Thomas. Only that he’d gone away to college a carefree jovial young man and returned a somber withdrawn man 10 years later with a heart wrenching sadness in his eyes.

Beverly "BB" Stein

Beverly “BB” Stein owns the General Store in this small town in Maine. She is the crazy cat lady who talks a mile a minute, has never met a stranger, and has an eccentric sense of style. Oh…and she’s known as the town gossip. If you want to find something out about someone just ask BB.

Her “cantankerous coot” of a husband finally left this world 6 months ago. Even though BB and he fought like cats and dogs she still misses him every day. That is why she has decided to keep the General Store open. For 40 years the two of them had run the store together. She doesn’t miss him quite as much when she is inside its four walls.


Mr. Rembrandt Splatterby is an eccentric recluse with a penchant for creating Horror artwork that brings the most painful emotions of the human condition to life. His art is as brilliant as it is scary.

A young woman saw Mr. Splatterby’s artwork on display in a one man Gallery Show in New York. She was extremely moved by his paintings. The woman wrote a letter (without identifying herself) to Mr. Splatterby telling him that his artwork gave voice to her pain of being trapped in an elite trafficking ring. She left the letter with the Gallery Owner with his promise that he would hand deliver it to Mr. Splatterby.

The young woman never heard a word from the artist. However, a year later when she was at the Opera with her captor a perfectly coiffed woman approached her in the ladies restroom. The two women switched clothing and changed their hairstyles. The new perfectly coiffed woman walked out the doors of theater to freedom for the first time in 7 years.

During the Glamour Shots fundraiser a lovely woman in her early 30’s approached Cassandra wanting to give a donation. She asked if she could tell the Founder her story. Cassandra nodded. At the end of telling her story, the other woman handed Cassandra a check that would completely fund The Creative Community Center for 7 years. In the memo line of the check it read: Paying forward Mr. Rembrandt Splatterby’s generosity.



Theresa Everwild is a police officer in the small town in Maine that is home to The Creative Community Center. She heads up all the classes for the women that are reintegrating back into society after escaping abusive partners and/or human trafficking.. So, she is at TCCC on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays from 10 am – 1 pm. Theresa has a passion to help these women transition into the next stage of their lives. She is a survivor of abuse by her husband who was also a police officer. After struggling to get anyone to listen to her or believe her about his abuse she pressed charges. Theresa left the big city life and her ex-husband behind moving across the country to the small town that she had visited as a child. The same town where The Creative Community Center will be opening in a little over a month.



I‘d like to introduce you to Lina Johnson. She is a retired Secret Service Agent. She was injured in a car accident when the car caught on fire with her trapped on the inside. She sustained burn injuries to her right ear, chin, and lip. And scars to her nose and under her eye. Along with several broken ribs. The accident was completely unrelated to her job. However, the recovery time from her injuries resulted in her taking early retirement.

She teaches defensive self protection skills, through a combination of dancing and boxing moves, to the women who come to the Center. Her testimony of living through the accident. overcoming all the health and emotional obstacles, and her healing journey is inspirational to the women.



This is my 12th character for my yearlong Visual Storytelling project. I’d like to introduce you to Cassandra’s grandmother, Gramma Devereaux. She went to be with the Lord during Cassandra’s Sophomore year in college. She was the last of Cassandra’s living relatives.

I included Gramma in the Glamour Shots, even though she is no longer with us, because that is how I’m introducing all the adult characters. Gramma raised Cassandra after her parents were in a plane crash while traveling. Well to be honest, she raised Cassandra from a child since Cassandra’s parents traveled all over the world for their jobs and were never home. Gramma Devereaux was a sweet natured woman with a wicked sense of humor. She was constantly making Cassandra giggle. Gramma was allergic to pet dander, so Cassandra had no pets while growing up. Gramma was an awesome cook, who shared her passion of southern cooking with Cassandra. She was also know for her little sayings that packed a punch of wisdom.

The Gallery

Here are some of the photos from The Creative Community Center such as: character bios, activities, fundraisers, children’s artwork, and other programs.  To read about the image simply click on it.  A pop up window will appear with the image and text.  Just scroll down in the pop up window to finish reading.

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