Senior Characters

Aug 18, 2023 | TCCC

Today, I am creating my first senior citizen character. Well, technically she will be my second one, but I don’t count the first one because I failed miserably on her. The difference this time is that for the last year, I’ve been learning how to create original characters in Daz Studio.

Since October of 2022, I have been on a mission to create correctly proportioned kids characters. I am finally comfortable creating kids in Daz. So, I decided to move onto creating believable Senior characters with realistic skin textures.

My first Senior character Doris Mathers is for my Visual Storytelling project. I used the new Genesis 9 character mesh to create her. It helps me create the most realistic characters I’ve ever been able to create.

I started sculpting her with a bit of nervous trepidation in my heart, but soon got caught up in morphing her face into the idea I had for the character in my mind.

While Doris might not be perfect, I am pleased with the way she turned out. I am looking forward to the stories I will write about her. I especially look forward to how she interacts with the other characters in my story.

Until next time pray and play every day

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