May 2, 2023 | 3D Artwork, 3D Tuesday, Blog

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Samantha, aka Sami. She is Cammi’s fraternal twin sister. I’m getting a small collection of 3D children characters…slowly but surely 🙂

I was having fun with this image, but I also wanted to try out a couple of things:

1) I’ve been trying to combine different hair products together to create some cute original kids hairstyles. And now that I’ve got a couple that I like, I created “Wearable Presets” out of them. Now I can just pop them on any child character I am using without having to hunt and peck for the hair items in my ridiculously large Daz Library. 

2) I’m still playing with the Iray Decal Node. (you can find the video I did of that down below in the video section) One of the issues I have had trying to make cute clothing with the Decals is that the clothing items don’t fit so great on children. I mean they work, but not perfectly. So, I found this really cool product in the Daz Store called Message Shirt Magic by 3D Universe. These clothing items have custom UVs for young body shapes. And the material grain shows through the decal design so it doesn’t look plopped on top. (Zoom in and you will see. I didn’t even have to lower the cutout opacity for the material grain to show through.)

3) I wanted to work in Photoshop on creating some of the Iray Decal designs that I want to use on the clothing. I have tons of watercolor artwork and graphics that are perfect for kids clothes – like this little German Shepherd puppy. 🙂

4) I wanted to create a collection of cute kids clothes that I can mix and match to make Wearable Presets that I can just click on. Instead of once again hunting and pecking through my crazy big Daz Library.

5) Creating kids Pose Presets too. Since the kids are different sizes, I have to manually tweak most of them for each character. But they give a good stating point at some cute poses.

This render is pretty much straight out of Daz. I did fix a poke through of jeans button through the shirt in Photoshop. I did a quick studio portrait with a simple floor and wall backdrop. Discovered that smoothing the clothing is my new best friend 🙂

Until next time blessings and healing

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