Premeditated Sin

Sep 12, 2023 | Blog, Turnback Tuesday

Originally written 2009

Most of us know that premeditated murder carries a heftier sentencing than murder.  We also know that sin is sin in God’s eyes. But let me tell you, from personal experience, that the enemy is overjoyed by premeditated sin!  It is an opportunity for him to give you a heftier sentencing of guilt!  He will pile on the guilt so deep and thick that you feel like you’ve had wet cement poured over you.  Before you know it you will be stuck in the hardening cement of guilt – powerless to free yourself!

When confessing my guilt to friends I’ve heard a common answer.  “Don’t be too hard on yourself.  You’re only human!”

Their comment reminded me of the lyrics of a song entitled Human by Brandy:

I’m only human
Forgive me
I’m only human
Love me
I’m only human
Save me, save me from myself

How long can I sing the “I’m Only Human” song?  At some point I must become accountable for my premeditated sin.

I’m Only Human” only cuts it for so long.  We are lying to ourselves when we continue to justify our sinful behavior.  When good intentioned people tell me “You’re only human”, it delays my accountability for the premeditated sin.  Letting me off the hook is not doing me any favors!

Someone needs to love me enough to be brutally honest with me!  I have a dear friend who holds back no punches.  She would tell me, “Grow up!  Stop sinning.”  We all need a friend like that.

Why do I keep sinning?  I think I feel a sense of freedom when I do what I want to do- when I want to do it!  It is a false sense of freedom.  That is the temptation.  There is no freedom in sin!  Sin imprisons you!  Each time I sin another bar is raised in the self-imposed prison being built around me.  I am my own worst enemy. I need to be saved from myself.

There is only One Person who can do that.  His Name is Jesus Christ – that is why He died and rose again.  He is the One who breaks the strongholds of sin in my life.  He is the One Who draws close to me and gives me the strength to stop committing premeditated sin.  It is His strength that is made perfect in my weakness! (2 Corinthians 12:9)

I might be singing the “I’m Only Human” song, but Jesus is singing the “I AM” song.  The One Who created us has already saved us from ourselves.  Now, our job is to receive it!

If you have been struggling with sinful behavior that you know you shouldn’t do, but keep doing, I invite you to hold your hands out with me – receive Jesus’ freedom from premeditated sin!

Until next time blessings and healing

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