Writing Prompt:  A cat and her owner

Write a flash fiction story (300-750) words about a cat and her owner from the cat’s perspective.

Writing Exercise:  706 words

“It’s time!”

My internal feline alarm clock sounded inside my head.  Opening my eyes just a slit I indulged in a luxurious extended feline stretch from my front claws to the tip of my tail.

“Ok, I admit a slight delusion of grandeur on my part.  I’m only 10 weeks old so my stretch was quite brief.  But a girl’s gotta dream, right?”

I pranced out to my living room perusing my kingdom with a critical eye.  Not to brag or anything, but my human had done a fairly decent job of cleaning my domain.  Her training was coming along quite nicely.

When I had left home 2 weeks ago my momma had made me promise to take good care of my human.  Her final words were:

“Precious, make sure that your human eats at least three times a day and that you play with her every day too.  Humans need to know that you are happy to see them and that you want to have fun with them.  It makes them feel good.”

Getting my human fed was one of the easier tasks of caring for her.  I would simply go into the kitchen and say, “Meow.”  If the one word didn’t work then I had to say it twice, “Meow, Meow.”  Into the kitchen she’d come running.  For some odd reason she always thought that I was the hungry one so she would put food in my bowl.  In order to train her to eat I would take a couple bites of my food.  This taught her how to eat her food.  After watching me eat she would heat up her food and join me in our meal.  Mission accomplished…my human was fed!

I had taken my mom’s instructions to heart.  Every day I made sure to play with my human.  Sometimes, she didn’t want to take the time, but I had promised my momma – so whatever it took – I did!  Even if I had to act a little foolish (which is hard for us felines) – I got my human to play.

So, here I sat hiding behind my grey leather couch – which matched my coat perfectly by the way – waiting to pounce on my human when she walked in the front door.  As I heard the garage door close I crouched down farther my rear rising up and my tail flicking back and forth in anticipation.  I wiggled a bit to loosen up for my leap.

Spread eagle I soared from behind my hiding place to land inches away from my human’s loafer clad feet.  On cue, she jumped with a little screech that morphed into a giggle.

“OH MY…Precious you scared me!” She smiled.

When she didn’t pick me up fast enough I insistently wound my way around her ankles in a figure eight pattern.  This forced her to pay attention to me or trip.  Bending down she scooped me up in her hands, placed a kiss on the tip of my nose, and cuddled me close.

I sighed.  We obviously still had some work to do on this part of her training.  I had faith in my human she would learn to pick me up more quickly…I just knew she would.

The next item on my human’s training schedule was her play time.  I rolled over on my back with my feet spread out.  This position was her prompt to tickle my belly.  She responded instantly!

“Good Human!” I purred.

With all four paws I gently grabbed her fingers forcing a laugh to gurgle forth from her belly.  I released her fingers spreading my feet apart again.  Her fingers obediently tickled my belly.  Again I grabbed her fingers with my paws.  Giggles and laughter filled the air around us as my human played.

I played with my human for about 15 minutes then I decided that she’d had enough play time.  I left her to jump on my couch for a catnap.  I knew I needed to be rested for later.  I still had to feed my human, play with her one more time, and then put her to bed.  Only then would I be able to get my own sleep.

“A cat’s job is never done!”  I murmured.

Writing Experience:
This was fun!  Cats have so much attitude that I’m convinced that they are really the ones who are in charge J  They do what they want…when they want.

I put a lot of my cat MJ’s personality in this one.  His human was definitely well trained by him! Lol

It was interesting to write from a different perspective…I enjoyed it.

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Until next time blessings and healing

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