Pastor Steve - April 18, 2013

Healing 101: Perception, Reality, and Actuality

Healing Thoughts Radio

When we have unhealed areas in our lives our perception of the world around us can be skewed. Our perception of what is going on in our life is our ‘reality,’ but it’s not always the actuality of the situation. As the Lord heals us, our realities and the actualities begin to line up. We begin to see the truth of the world around us through healed eyes.

From Series: "Healing Thoughts Radio"

In 2013, The Healing Ministry at All Saints Church began hosting a weekly 30 minute radio show called Healing Thoughts Radio. The radio show was hosted by Pastor Steve and Kirsten on the BlogTalkRadio streaming service. The following audio recordings are the original files from the BlogTalkRadio site in chronological order of release.

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