Lipstick Healing

Feb 23, 2023 | Blog, Throwback Thursday

originally written for ASHM December 16, 2008

When I first came to the Healing Ministry for inner healing I already had a specific plan in my mind on what I wanted healed and how the Lord should heal me.  I came after being put on steroids for an allergic reaction.  I had been taken off the steroids improperly and I was experiencing brain-splitting headaches every day.  I basically told the Prayer Minister what I thought the Lord should do and expected her to pray that way.

I am so glad that the Lord was not limited to my puny expectations or my insane directions on how I should have been healed.  Jesus offered me such an incredible scope of healing in every area of my life that I was overwhelmed by His generosity; especially since I had tried to be His dictator for my healing.  Imagine me the created trying to tell the Creator how I needed to be healed and the means by which He should heal me.

I read a story recently, from a diary excerpt, which made me weep and smile at the same time.

In the German concentration camp, Bergen-Belsen, (shortly after the arrival of the Red Cross) a large shipment of lipstick arrived.  Most of the internees had been begging and pleading for thousands of other items that they desperately needed and what did they get instead?  Lipstick.  What happened when the women of the camp received those “unneeded” tubes of lipstick was nothing short of miraculous.  Women all over the camp walked around shoeless, their dirty tattered clothes swallowing up their emaciated bodies, but their scarlet red lips curved up in joy!  Whoever had sent that lipstick had made them feel like individuals again.  They were no longer just a tattooed number on an arm.  They were women again.  The lipstick helped them to begin to receive their humanity back!

 I was touched by the compassion of Jesus.  Only He could have known that these women might begin their journey to wholeness (body, mind, and spirit) through a “lipstick healing.”  This diary entry reminded me that Jesus can heal us through anything and anyone He chooses!

The Bible is filled with people who were healed in unique ways by Jesus.  He used mud, a woman touched His cloak, a handkerchief, a shadow, a simple touch, and a word.  Think about the people He used to heal others, a tax collector, a Pharisee, and a fisherman to name a few.

Jesus knows what needs healing in us and He knows the best way to give us those healings.  He knew that those women in Bergen-Belsen needed emotional healing to feel like humans again.  They had lost their identity and become a tattooed number among many numbers.  Jesus knew them by name and He helped them to begin to remember their own names.  Just one step in their walk to the healing He wanted them to receive.

Jesus has a unique and individually tailored way in which He will heal you.  He knows you by name and He knows what you need first and last in your healing walk.  All He asks is that you seek Him and receive your healing from Him.

I had to toss out my preconceived plan for my healing and trust Him, as my Healer, to have the best plan for my healing.  Jesus healed me more abundantly than I could have ever asked or imagined.  I hope that you will let Him do the same for you.

Until next time blessings and healing


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