Joyful Gems

Jan 19, 2023 | Blog, Healing Thoughts, Throwback Thursday

When I first came for inner healing at the Healing Ministry, I couldn’t remember much about my childhood. Over the years, my mind had gotten very skilled at protecting me.  My mind had built defense mechanisms to keep me safe from the onslaught of painful memories that threatened to overwhelm me daily.  Those defense mechanisms had become so strong that I not only couldn’t remember the painful memories, but my joyful memories were blocked as well.

However, we have an amazingly awesome God who does much more than we could ever hope or imagine.  As He healed my memories of those painful times, He blessed me with the return of joyful memories.  He revealed to me the buried treasure, my joyful memories, that had been hidden under the pounds of destructive rubble of those painful memories.  I began to eagerly sift through that painful rubble in search of those joyful gems.

Between the ages of eight to sixteen years old, I was blessed to attend an all girls summer camp in Maine for two months every year.  Camp Wohelo is located on Sebago Lake in South Casco, Maine.   As I got ready for work the other morning I was mentally transported back to that wonderful time in my youth.

I could almost hear the squeals and giggles of all of us young girls enjoying ourselves in the rustic pine scented environment.  Trumpeted reveille was our  standard wakeup call and taps was  the “lights out” command.  There was no indoor plumbing or electricity, but who needed that when we were surrounded by the sheer beauty of God’s creation.  Midnight walks to the outhouse were always adventure, especially when our flashlight died and we couldn’t see an inch in front of our nose.  Stubbing our toes on rocks as we ran to the showers was a daily occurrence.  Our days were filled with early morning crew, sailing, playing tennis, swimming, diving, arts and crafts, and noisy Dining Hall meals.  Then there was Sunday Services.  All of us would gather around the immense outside fieldstone fireplace and take our seats on stark wooden benches as our voices raised up the refrain, “Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty.  Early in the morning our song shall rise to Thee;  Holy, Holy, Holy, merciful and mighty!  God in Three Persons, blessed Trinity.”

That memory is a miracle.  It is a buried treasure that had been stolen from me many years ago.  It is Jesus Christ in action; His restoration power at work.  He restored a joyful memory that the enemy tried to keep dead and buried in my mind.  I am humbled and overwhelmed by that precious gift.  It is a memory that reveals to me that Jesus’ was with me when I was young.  It is a reminder that I desperately needed.

Inner healing of my painful memories has set me free to embrace the love of the Lord in my joyful memories.  Jesus never intended for us to get stuck in the destructive rubble of our pain.  He desires for us to reach out to Him and know Him as our Healer.  Join me in rejoicing that Jesus desires to give us freedom from our pain so that we might recognize the present of His Presence.

Until next time blessings and healing


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