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Genesis 1: 27 says:

So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.

It is in our spiritual DNA to be creative.  Creativity runs through our veins as God’s children.  So, it makes perfect sense that we have the urge to create.

I’ve loved to create since I was a little girl.  My imagination never shuts down, literally!  I loved creating stories as a child.  And then when I hit the 2 digit age, that creativity branched out into artwork.  My urge to create went on hiatus during my teen and young adult years.  But when I came back to my relationship with the Lord in my 30’s, my desire to be creative returned.

The Creativity

Here on the Galleries page you will have a chance to see a variety of the different types of visual creativity that I pursue.  Ranging from traditonal art forms such as photography and watercolors to digital art forms including digital painting and 3D artwork.  You will even get a glimpse into my exploration into AI generated artwork.

I will also share some of the stories that have had their creative roots in an image I have created.  Sometimes when I’m creating an image, a character bio or a short story will begin to form in my brain.  Other times, I will be writing a short story that then begins to form as an image in my mind.  Creativity is a two way street in my imagination.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure through the eclectic creative imaginings of my brain.  I hope you enjoy our journey together.

The Story Art

As an artist and a writer my creativity often works in tandem.  When I’m creating a piece of artwork a character bio, flash fiction, or short story will pop into my mind expanding on the image.  Other times when I’m writing a poem or a short story a visual image will flash through my mind.  This is where you will find the two formats side by side.


The Cherut Chronicles

Karinya Malu: is the 14 year old daughter of the Shachath Queen who is the leader of the alien force invading Adama III. Karinya is not happy to have been brought to Adama III! She never asked to be part of this invasion. In fact, she and her mother had argued on more than one occasion about the Shachath’s plan to invade the human planet. Karinya supports peace not war!

Amah: has the honor of being the bondmaid and protector of Karinya Malu. She is 6 years the senior of Karinya. The entire purpose of her life is to serve the young Shachath until her death. She carries no weapons because she is the weapon.

This video still was taken minutes after Karinya and Amah arrived at the spaceport on Adama III. Karinya’s memory keeper, Zikaron, took the video. The overcrowded spaceport was a protection nightmare. Amah forced them to leave immediately after this still was shot.


This gallery is a collection of 3D artwork created with DazStudio software and postwork done with Photoshop and Procreate.

Social Work

This gallery is a collection of artwork that addresses and explores human issues through visual narratives.  


This gallery is a collection of surreal-ish artwork.  Make sure to check out the blog to see the writing that accompanies the image.


This gallery is a collection of digital artwork created on my iPad mini with the Procreate application.


This gallery is a collection of photography and watercolor artwork.

AI Generated

This gallery is a collection of experiments with AI generated images.  Using Stable Diffusion, Dall-E2, Coherent, and Artistic generators.

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